My five-step course to skillfully master the art of transforming your bathroom spaces.

Discover Confidence in Your Bathroom Project:

Are you facing any of these challenges as given:

Don't stress, I am here to guide you through. This course will help you unlock your inner designer through my step-by-step modules. Learn the art of effortless communication with tradespeople and see your design come to life. This marks the thrilling start of your project's transformation journey! Don't miss this chance to bring your vision to life with confidence and style. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with:

  • Comprehensive Bathroom Knowledge: Understand the principles that make a bathroom beautiful, functional and compliant.

  • Analysis and Planning: Interpret and analyse the space and create a well designed layout.

  • Materials and Fixtures Selection: Curate a list of handpicked materials that will bring your dream bathroom to life.

  • Mood Board Creation: Craft a visual narrative that guides your design journey.

  • Manual Drawing Skills: Create manual drawings of your desired bathroom, enabling you to communicate your vision effectively.

  • Above all you will walk away with a profound sense of pride in your newly created bathroom design.

Are you facing any of these challenges as given:

A) You have a vision of what you want, but you're uncertain about the fundamental design basics and standards.

B) Feel the pressure of possibly making mistakes and ending up with a result that doesn't align with your preferences and tastes.

C) If you're uncertain about the questions to pose to builders or trades before making a final decision on who to collaborate with, seek guidance to ensure clarity.

D) Concerned about effectively communicating with your trades and unsure of the best approach.

E) Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and options available, and in need of assistance.

F) Require assistance in documenting the entire design for a seamless handover to your builder.

Who is this course for?

  • Creative mums who want to create and design their own bathroom but are unsure about the standards.

  • Home lovers who have an idea of what they love but are unable to put that across to trades.

  • Design enthusiast who knows exactly what they love and want to learn to document effectively.

  • Those planning to renovate their bathroom and want to communicate with their trades effortlessly. 


Module 01:

 Understanding Basics

  • Collect and analyse basics required in a bathroom.

  • Identify and comprehend basics &

    standards required.

  • Interpret and develop existing drawings to scale.

Module 02:

Space Planning 

  • Analyse the space and create the best solution for your bathroom.

  • Develop and create the proposed layout design.

  • Develop and create the proposed elevations.

Module 03:

Materials & Mood board 

  • Identify and select the necessary materials and finishes.

  • Identify and confirm the preferred colour palette.

  • Curate and build a cohesive mood board.

Module 04:

Lighting - The Basics

  • Explore various lighting options and their suitability.

  • Identify and generate electrical legends.

  • Develop and craft the schematic electrical layout design.

Module 05:

Detailed Drawings

  • Integrate all the gathered knowledge.

  • Create the ultimate set of documents essential for the trade to initiate the project.

Module 06:

 Bonus Module

  • Additional materials

  • Templates and guides making learning fun and easy.

  • Predesigned Layouts for reference.

About me:

Hello I am Lathika Nair!

With a Bachelor of Architecture from India and over 24 years of extensive experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to the world of design. Having started my career as a registered Architect in India,

I later served as a Senior Architect in the Middle East, contributing to landmark projects such as the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi. In 2010, I relocated to Melbourne, where I seamlessly transitioned into collaborating with architects and interior designers. Over time, my passion for interiors took centre stage, leading me to establish my own business. My mission is clear: to assist homeowners in bringing their interior dreams to life. Grounded in a robust architectural foundation, I offer a unique perspective and a comprehensive approach to design.

Driven by a desire to expand my impact, I've crafted a specialised course to share my knowledge and expertise. This endeavour allows me to reach even more individuals, empowering them to realise the full potential of their home interiors.

Join me on this journey, where the fusion of architecture and interior design opens the door to endless possibilities.


R. Pillai

Really detailed explanations. I am learning a lot through these videos. Very well structured.


I really love and interested on how she is explaining.

G. Anu

We were very happy working with Lathika. She was very responsive and took time to understand our needs. She accommodated our taste into designing our home.

Additional bonuses included:

  • Special opportunity for personalised guidance and design refinement with exclusive 1:1 Zoom sessions, available to the first 50 students, ensuring your project starts off on the perfect path to success.

  • Get ready to revolutionise your interior design process with the Bonus Co Planner – your essential tool for organizing information, samples, and documents, offered FREE to the first 50 students!

  • Enjoy convenient access to ready-made mood boards, simplifying your design reference process and offering a quick visual overview for inspiration in your projects. These pre-created mood boards serve as a valuable resource for efficient and effective design decision-making.

  • Lifetime access to private Facebook community, where you can connect with others in the group. You can ask questions and share your progress, thoughts etc.

  • Lifetime access to the course, meaning you can revisit the content whenever you like.

  • Additionally, any future upgrades or enhancements made to the course will be available to you at no extra cost. Your learning experience remains dynamic and up-to-date, ensuring you always have access to the latest insights and improvements.

  • Gain access to pre-designed bathroom layouts from completed projects, providing you with a valuable resource for inspiration and practical design solutions. Explore and leverage these layouts to enhance your own projects and streamline the design process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the course delivered?

Fully Online, crafted for your convenience allowing you to access it at your preferred time. Embrace learning on your own terms!

What is the duration of the course?

Success in this course hinges entirely on the time you're willing to invest. I'll provide step-by-step guidance, but achieving your desired results requires dedicated effort in each area. Keep in mind that some modules may take longer than others, so if you're tackling it gradually, consider a 4-week timeframe for completion. Your commitment determines your success.

Is it only for Australian/New Zealand Students?

The general advice and step-by-step process I provide are universally applicable. Anyone aspiring to design a space can leverage this valuable guidance. The only variables that may differ are the names of local suppliers and costs, which can vary depending on your specific location. Embrace the universal principles of design, tailored to your local context!

Do I need any specific skills or device?

The course is delivered online, requiring access to a computer or smartphone. Additionally, all you need to get started is some basic stationery as mentioned. Most importantly, you just need the right attitude to dive in and embark on this learning journey.

Are there any tests or assessments?

No, this course is not accredited. Its focus is on enhancing your understanding of design aspects and guiding you in developing drawings and documentation. This enables a registered builder or trade professional to efficiently complete the work.

Who is the course for?

All Home lovers who have an idea of what they love but are unable to put that across to trades. Design enthusiast who knows exactly what they love and want to learn to document effectively. Creative mums who want to create and design their own bathroom but are unsure about the standards. Those planning to design their bathroom and want to communicate with their trades effortlessly.

Let's start the design journey.

Next year this time you would wish you had joined today!

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